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Things to do: from skiing on the highest mountain to lounging on the beach with some food in between...


> Local cultural activities in and around L'aquila can be found on this handy cultural website
> Nature reserves to be visited. We are surrounded by them!
> Tourist Office can be found locally in Barisciano where there are many free publications
> Campo Imperatore (Protected National Park, bears & all sorts of wildlife )
> Gran Sasso (mountain chain of spectacular scenary)
> Stiffe’s Caves (spectacular caves)
> Mediaeval Villages (such as S. Stefano di Sessanio one of Italys top 100)
> Castles (Rocca Calascio- stunning ! and many more nearly all FREE to visit)
> Churches (Bominaco, St Pietro ad Oratorium featured in most literature on the Abruzzo)
> Skiing and cross-country sking (ski resorts: Campo Imperatore, Monte Cristo, Campo Felice)


> Saffron The Navelli Valley is famous for producing Saffron which can be purchased locally
> Sagras A must! each village seems to have one! (food festivals) in the summer months
> Good quality truffles can be found locally
> We have a number of local wine producers such as Azienda Gentile and Valle Reale


Can be found within half hours drive dir Pescara, where you have the superb beaches, we normally head for Silvi Marina Various Itinaries you can take for days out: Beach information

Numerous places to visit of importance:
Lanciano: famous relic of 'Host' pouring out blood.. festival each year to celebrate this miracle.
Listing of Towns & information : Local festival information

A good Guide:
Check out the eating out website for a guide to good food if and when you're in Rome. We know of a very good Ciampino Hotel close to Ciampino Airport with lovely views of The Eternal City on the horizon. It's literally 5/10 minutes from the airport. They can also arrange transportation to / from the airport.
Local Restaurant: Alfico is truly amazing!