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Brittany & St Nicodeme

Jutting out proudly into the Atlantic, France's most westerly province stands alone, surrounded on three sides by the natural boundary which its prosperity is traditionally associated. Yet it is precisely the relative isolation of Brittany from the rest of France which accounts for the preservation of so much that is unique about the gentle Celtic land. Most of France's provinces have their individual identities, but with Brittany the impression is almost of being in another land. There are 750 miles of splendid coastline, from peaceful rocky coves to vast expanses of white, sandy beaches among the finest and most undiscovered in Europe!


The Cottage is set on the edge of our village, in the heart of Brittany with wonderful views across the Valleys. Nearby are gorges, lakes and viewpoints. The location allows one to visit all of the many attractions of Brittany with ease. Local restaurants have plentiful Plat du Jour (4-6 course meals including wine) for nine Euros. Locarn, Callac, Rostrenen and St Nicolas-du-Pelem all offer good eating places, all within an easy drive.