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The Abruzzo & Caporciano

The Abruzzo lies almost wholly on the Adriatic side of the Italian Peninsular and stretches along the coast for some 130 Kilometres with spectuacular beaches. The mountains of the Abruzzo are the highest in Italy with the mountain high mountain plateau Campo Imperatore, sometimes called Italy's "little Tibet" they are frequently used as film and television backdrops. > THE GRAN SASSO MOUNTAINS , the highest of the Apennine peaks with their stark evocative beautiful. Also to be discovered is the storybook mountain village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, it is listed in Italy's top 100 most beautiful villages.


The National park of Abruzzo is the oldest and most important one in Italy. The Park is inhabited by bears, chamois, wolves, deer wild boars, squirrels, foxes, all quite wide spread; more unusual are the Chamois only lately brought back to the area. The symbol of the Park is the Marsican Brown Bear, which represented, until recently, an endangered species. Among the predatory birds are to be found the buzzard, the peregrine, the sparrow hawk and the Golden eagle.


In Spring and Summer the Park is covered with several colours. The meadowlands are full of blossoming gentians, blue gentians, violets, peonies and forget-me-nots and the beech-woods are full of columbines and Marsican irises.


The Abruzzo holds a record: 30 per cent of its territory is protected by environmental legislation. No other region in Europe can boast as much. Not without good reason is it known as "the region of parks". national parks, a regional park and many protected sites and nature reserves. In a region like this, it seems natural that the regional capital is called L'Aquila ('The Eagle').